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... you can publish your website. Whether it's a static page, a wiki, your own blog, a forum, a mailing list or anything else you have in mind. We lead you through the whole process — from the idea over the infrastructure to the finished website.

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Here you find a few of our projects, all created by us and hosted on our own servers.

  650wiki.org is a Wiki for a the Yamaha XS650—a world famous site for enthusiasts of the vintage Japanese motorbike.   langhans.com.pl is the homepage of Sprachtraining Langhans. A pure and fast html-site with clear structure, informing in three languages.

  manon-s.com —an artists page. The intro page is followed by the compact and easy maintainable html section.   setzkasten.org is an Austrian proofreading agency. The clear structure leads the customers straight to the desired information. A good way to contact is the formular what submits the customers request over an email-interface straight to the office.