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Webhosting ...

We can publish your website. Whether it's a static page, a wiki or your own concept.

Your own website ...

... you get easier as you may think. Contact us by e-mail at herbert.raimund‹at›gmx.net or simply call on +0048 603 341 441. We will open an user account (login name and password) on our servers then. In this directory you can upload your text, pictures and html-files. We assist you with the domain registration (www.example.com) as well — in one or two days you will find your website on the internet.

How to start?

Write us an e-mail or call us. If you have no domain (www.example.pl) yet — please tell us the name you want to register. For a small fee we will make the registration for you.
Your user name and password will be sent by email within 24 hours.
To upload your files to our servers you have to use a ftp-program (ftp-client). A simple ftp-client is included in every Windows distribution.
Another way (for an easy start) is to send us your html-files by e-mail. We will copy it to the servers then.

How to create a website?

You can either write the webpage manually or create it with a dedicated program.
A manually coded page is made with a text editor like MS Notepad. The textfile index.html what you create has to be copied to the server then. The file index.html is opened automatically if you access your domain (www.example.pl).
A good start is to buy a simple and short book about html like the Polish book ABC jezyka HTML from the publisher Helion (polish edition).
The other way to create a Webpage is to use a program like MS-Frontpage (Windows) or Quanta (Linux). Some Wordprocessors are also able to save text in html format. These html files you simply upload to our servers—thats all.

How much does it cost?

For private users and small companies we charge PLN 15,- a month, to pay in advance for 3 month.

A domain (www.example.pl) costs between PLN 50,- and PLN 100,- a year. The price depends on the ending, like .PL is about PLN 100,- but .ORG and .NET is PLN 50,- For the registration (domain ordering and installing it to the server) I charge PLN 25,- (one-time payment). If you already own a domain there is no registration fee.

Webhosting PLN 15,- /month
Domain PLN 50,- to 100,- /year
Registration PLN 25,- one-time fee

*** NEW ***
Subdomains for only PLN 15,- a year!
Get an address direct on this server, for example:


Instead of an expensive official domain these adresses (with ...langhans.com.pl at the end) are available for just PLN 15,- a year. After the registration they are instantly available to use.

What people are using this server?

Private customers, teachers, language teachers, artists, small companies and organisations who need personal support and a partner who is open for questions.
Many small companies can offer their service with all details in an economic way over the internet. The www-name can be then advertised by a newspaper announcement—a small text with just the reference to the website. The customer gets all the details on the internet.
We offer you our services in German and English. Contact us at herbert.raimund‹at›gmx.net or call +0048 603 341 441.

What are the servers?

In our office we keep two servers with AMD processors. One of them is a http- and ftp- server, acting also as a firewall. The whole system is under daily surveillance and control.
The second server is for administration and control of the first computer. It runs the regular backups and statistics for the first server.
The servers run on a maintained BSD/Unix installation. Backups are made regular on a DAT streamer.

NetBSD 5.1
Apache 2.2
ProFtp Server